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Calva Sponsors#

Calva is open source and free to use. It is actively maintained during our free time, and it keeps improving. You can contribute in many different ways, one of which is sponsoring. You can sponsor Calva by directly sponsoring any of us.

If you are working at a company which benefits from Calva's existence and continued development, please consider sponsoring at the Calva Gold Sponsor tier.

Please see this statement from Cognitect about the importance of supporting open source developers.


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Gold Sponsors#

Scale your growth on mobile
ThorTech Solutions

Silver Sponsors#


Clojurists Together#

Significant additions to Calva have been made possible by funding from Clojurists Together. And this has often been transformational for the whole project. Calva would not be where it is today without Clojurists Together.

Our Sponsoring Profiles#

These are the sponsoring profiles for the active maintainers of Calva (a.k.a. The Calva Team).

README visibility#

There is also a sponsors section in the README of the Calva project (which means it is also displayed in the VS Code Extension Marketlace).