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Using Calva with Basilisp#

To install Basilisp, run:

  $ pip install basilisp

There are several ways to connect to Basilisp.

Start your project with a REPL and connect#

If you have created a basilisp.edn project file at your root of your project tree, you can jack in with the Start a Project REPL and connect command.

The basilisp.edn is similar to deps.edn for clojure-cli projects. It can be left empty just to mark the root of your Basilisp project.

Connect to a running REPL in your project#

You can start its bundled nREPL server:

$ basilisp nrepl-server

and connect to it afterward using Connect to a running REPL in your project command.

To see available options, type basilisp nrepl-server -h in a shell prompt.


Calva: Basilisp Path#

The path to the basilisp executable, typically basilisp.

If Basilisp is installed in a virtual environment, update this to the full path of the basilisp executable within that virtual environment.