WIP: Notebook support is very basic and experimental

  • You might experience loss of file contents when saving a Clojure Notebook. Have backups of any files you open as notebooks.
  • Tooling around autocomplete, go to def, linting and such does not work at all yet.
  • There is no Markdown support.
  • Etcetera.

Please help test the feature. We're looking forward to your feedback!

You can open any Clojure file as a notebook by right clicking the file -> Open with... -> Clojure Notebook.

Running cells sends them to the REPL and pretty prints the results. If the return is a string that starts with <html it will be displayed in an html webview.

Forms inside (comment) blocks get shown as their own cells. When adding code blocks in between those cells they get saved with the same indentation as the first form.