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Using Calva With Joyride#

Joyride is a VS Code extension for user space scripting of VS Code itself. You find the extension here. The scripting language for Joyride is the best you language imaginable: Clojure. And, as is proper for a Clojure implementation, it has a REPL, even an nREPL server.

This means you can connect Calva to Joyride and interactively develop your VS Code scripts.

This video shows Joyride in action, using Calva as the nREPL client.

How to connect#

Once you have the Joyride extension installed you can start its REPL and connect Calva to it (a.k.a Jack-in).

Start the Joyride REPL and Connect

This 1 minute video shows the following steps:

  1. Installing the Joyride Extension
  2. Issuing the command Calva: Start a REPL in your Project and (a.k.a Jack-in)
  3. Selecting joyride project type
  4. Issuing the command Calva: Load/Evaluate Current File and its Requires/Dependencies
  5. Evaluating some non-vscode code
  6. Evaluating code exercising something from the VS Code API

(Right-click the video and choose Full Screeen if it is too tiny embedded.)

How to Get Started with Joyride#

The Joyride README has some Quick Start pointers for you. Please feel invited to the #joyride channel on the Clojurians Slack and chat with us and other Joyride users.

Come on, Join the Joyride! ❤️