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How to Use Calva With the re-frame Template

To make it easy to start the app created by the re-frame template use the +calva option when creating your project. In its plainest form that becomes:

$ lein new re-frame <app-name> +calva

If you have a re-frame project created from the template w/o the +calva option and want to get the ease, add this Connect Sequence in the .vscode/settings.json of the project:

    "calva.replConnectSequences": [
            "name": "Leiningen -> shadow-cljs",
            "projectType": "lein-shadow",
            "cljsType": "shadow-cljs",
            "menuSelections": {
                "leinAlias": null,
                "leinProfiles": [
                "cljsLaunchBuilds": [
                "cljsDefaultBuild": "app"

Then Jack-In.