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How to use Calva with the re-frame template#

The re-frame template creates a shadow-cljs project, making it easy to use with Calva.

  1. npm install
  2. From VS Code, issue the command Calva: Start a Project REPL and Connect (a.k.a Jack-in), ctrl+alt+c ctrl+alt+j.
  3. Calva will auto-detect that this is a shadow-cljs project and ask for which build to compile.
  4. Calva's output window will open and log some progress information.
  5. When prompted for which build to start, select :app.
  6. :app is the only configured build, but the VS Code menu for this is a bit strange so make sure the :app checkbox is really ticked before proceeding.
  7. This will start the app, so in this workflow you don't do the Run application steps outlined below.
  8. When prompted for which build to connect to, select :app.
    • In the View menu of VS Code, you can tell it to show the Terminal view, where you see which command the jack-in process is started with, and it's output. Ctrl+C in this pane will kill your app and free up all resources it has allocated.
  9. When the app is compiled
    1. Open http://localhost:8280 in your browser.
    2. Confirm that it says Hello from re-frame. (Depending on how long the app takes to compile, you might need to reload the page a few times.)
  10. Open the views.cljs file from src/<your-project-name> and issue Calva: Load/Evaluate Current File and its Requires/Dependencies. ctrl+alt+c enter.
    1. Confirm that you are connected by adding evaluating (js/alert "Hello from Calva") (alt+enter and ctrl+enter are your friends).
    2. Confirm that Shadow is hot reloading by changing the greeting message.