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Calva does no linting, yet with Calva you get excellent linting. That is because Calva uses clojure-lsp, which provides linting powered by clj-kondo.

You might want to read about how to configure clj-kondo. These two sections might be of extra interest:

If you see a linting squiggle under the first character of the file with an error you don't quite understand, it is probably something wrong with your clj-kondo configuration.

Files are linted as they're being edited. If you want to lint the whole project, use the clj-kondo cli command. See for more info on that. Windows users might like to know that they too can get a clj-kondo cli command now, via npm install -g clj-kondo. It'll be a bit slower to start than the native build, but for sure it's better than not having a clj-kondo command! See for more on this.

Disable Linting

To disable linting from Calva, in the settings UI uncheck "Calva: Display Diagnostics", or add "calva.displayDiagnostics": false to your settings json.