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Viewing Async Output While Working On Node Projects with shadow-cljs#

When working on NodeJS projects with shadow-cljs and Calva, async output does not always appear in the Calva output window. To work around this problem, follow these steps:

  1. Run the command "Calva: Copy Jack-in Command Line to Clipboard", then paste the command in a terminal and run it.
  2. Wait for the message shadow-cljs - nREPL server started on port <some-port>
  3. Issue the command Calva: Connect to a running REPL server in your project, ctrl+alt+c ctrl+alt+c. For project type select shadow-cljs, accept the proposed localhost:<some-port>, and for build select node-repl.
  4. Load a file from your project with the command ctrl+alt+c Enter. Evaluating forms in Calva will show results in the output window. Synchronous stdout output will be printed in both the output window and in the terminal where you started the repl. Some asynchronous output may show up in the output window, but all will appear in the terminal.

If you use an integrated VSCode terminal to start shadow-cljs, all stdout will appear in the Calva window with your code. Alternatively, you can use an external terminal, which is especially nice when using a second monitor.

For a discussion of this problem and other connection options, see issue #1468.