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Calva Merch

In this video, there is a question about where you can buy the Calva T-shirt:

You couldn't, then. But now you can! On Amazon.

Zero profit

To keep the admin of this shop to a minimum the merch is sold at production prize. There is no royalty going to anyone in the Calva team when you buy one of these t-shirts. You will represent, which is certainly a way to support the project. You are of course encouraged to support us via sponsoring as well:

The designs

These are the three designs you will find, in some different colors:

Calva T-shirt Symbol + Logo

This t-shirt is currently available at:

Symbol Only

Calva T-shirt Symbol

Available at:

We do it with Rich Comments

Calva T-shirt We do it with Rich Comments

Available at:

Symbol + We do it with Rich Comments

The Calva symbol front, Rich Comments Back.

Calva T-shirt We do it with Rich Comments Back

Available at:


What's available on this or that Amazon site will vary a bit and it is a bit slow to add a particular design to a particular market. Eventually I hope to have both designs up on these markets: .com,, .de, .fr, .it, .es, and