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Using Calva With Krell#

Krell is à la carte ClojureScript tooling for React Native.

Even if Calva does not yet have built-in support, all is not lost. You can add support yourself by way of a Custom REPL Connect Sequence. Here's how;

Starting the Krell ClojureScript REPL#

Add this REPL Connect Sequence to your workspace settings.json:

    "calva.replConnectSequences": [
            "name": "deps.edn + Krell",
            "projectType": "deps.edn",
            "cljsType": {
                "connectCode": "(require '[clojure.edn :as edn] \n    '[ :as io]\n    '[cider.piggieback] \n    '[krell.api :as krell]\n    '[krell.repl])\n\n(def config (edn/read-string (slurp (io/file \"build.edn\"))))\n(apply cider.piggieback/cljs-repl (krell.repl/repl-env) (mapcat identity config))",
                "dependsOn": "User provided"

Then issue the command Start a Project REPL and Connect (aka Jack-In). It start the project and connect to the Krell REPL once the app is running on a device (wether real or virtual/emulated).

Additional VS Code Tips#

For a smooth workflow you can also:

  • Install the React Native Tools extension
  • Install the Debugger for Chrome extension, and add this Launch Configuration
                "type": "chrome",
                "request": "launch",
                "name": "Launch Debugger",
                "url": "http://localhost:8081/debugger-ui/",
                "webRoot": "${workspaceFolder}"

Together with the connect sequence this will make for a start of a Krell session like this:

  1. Open the project root in VS Code
  2. Issue the Jack-in command
  3. Issue the React Native; Run Android on Emulator (or Run iOS on Simulator) command. (Disable Fast Refresh from the *React Native dev menu, if it is enabled.)
  4. Issue the React Native: Run Element Inspector command (You might need to install the React Native inspector globally): ```sh yarn global add react-devtools ````
  5. Launch Debugger (F5)
  6. Hack away, with hot reload and interactive REPL

Once the debugger (a Chrome session) is running, you probably will want to enable Custom Formatters in order for clojure structures to be logged conveniently.