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Using Calva with ClojureDart#

Since ClojureDart is Clojure, Calva just works with it. Calva is also automatically configured to make VS COde treat .cljd files as a Clojure code.

Dart->Clojure Conversion#

Similar to when using ClojureScript you will often find examples for Dart and Flutter written in, you guessed it, Dart. And then you will often wish there was a converter, because manually transpiling can be a bit tedious and error prone. Luckily you are in the Clojure community, and such a converter is provided:

There are several ways you can leverage this converter, and since you are using Calva, a very convenient way is available. There is a command Calva: Convert Dart code to Clojure/ClojureDart. This command takes whatever text is selected and uses DartClojure to convert it. Lacking a selection, the command will use the whole file.

The workflow demoed in the video is something like so:

  1. Open a new untitled file/tab
  2. Paste your Dart/Flutter code in this file (VS Code will probably automatically figure out that it is Dart code, even if that doesn't matter for the converter.)
  3. Run Calva: Convert Dart code to Clojure/ClojureDart
  4. An, untitled, Clojure tab will open with the converted code in it.

NB: The conversion will not always work. DartCLojure is work in progress. See the project repo for limitations and scope. Often when conversion, the error message will give you a clue to what is problematic. Try adjust your code selection and you will probably be able to get at least some help from the converter.

Speaking of WIP...

Work in Progress#

ClojureDart is very new and being super actively developed. Some feature are still missing. Like a REPL. Once that is added we will also add ClojureDart jack-in and connect support to Calva.

Happy ClojureDart Hacking!#

Please feel welcome to the #clojuredart and #calva channel at the Clojurians Slack for questions, suggestions and support.