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Running Custom REPL Commands

Calva supports configuration of custom command snippets that you can execute in the REPL at will. If your workflow has you repeatedly evaluate a particular piece of code, you can use the setting calva.customREPLCommandSnippets to configure it and then use the command Run Custom REPL Command to access it. The command will give you a menu with the snippets you have configured.

The calva.customREPLCommandSnippets is an array of objects with the following fields:

  • name: The name of the snippet as it will appear in the picker menu
  • snippet: The code that will be evaluated
  • ns: (optional) Namespace to evaluate the command in. If omitted the command will be executed in the namespace of the current editor.
  • repl: Which repl session to use for the evaluation. Either "clj" or "cljs"

E.g. with these settings:

    "calva.customREPLCommandSnippets": [
            "name": "Foo",
            "snippet": "(println :foo)",
            "ns": "",
            "repl": "cljs"
            "name": "Bar",
            "snippet": "(println :bar)",
            "ns": "",
            "repl": "clj"
            "name": "Refresh",
            "snippet": "(refresh)",
            "repl": "clj"

You will get this menu.


The items are numbered for you so that you can choose them in predictable way. The default keyboard shortcut for the command is ctrl+alt+c, .. Which means that to execute the Refresh command, (refresh), in the clj REPL, you could do:

ctrl+alt+c, ., 3, ENTER.