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NS Name Deriving

When you create a new clojure file, a file with .clj, .cljc or .cljs extension, Calva tries to derive namespace name for it and put an appropriate ns form in a place.

Example of ns form autocreation.

Note the cursor is placed right before the closing parenthesis. So if you want to require something, just hit the Enter and start typing it.

How It Works

Currently to build a namespace name Calva relies on the classpath. So to get a full namespace name, 2 conditions should be met:

  1. You are connected to a nREPL server (Jack-In).
  2. A source path under which you're creating a file is included in the classpath.

The latter means if you have a test alias in your deps.edn and it has test extra path in it, then you need to make sure you picked this alias during Jack-In process.


If one of the conditions above is not met, Calva still adds a namespace to the new file. However, in this case it could be inaccurate. For example, if you create a file your-app/test/app/core_test.clj and your-app/test directory is not in your classpath, you will get simply (ns core-test) instead of (ns app.core-test).